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Searching for Investment management Newcastle? Investing is one of the keys to financial security.  But making the most out of your investments isn’t easy. It takes risk and a significant amount of time to create a strategy that will have the desired effect.

This is where we come in. As a fully independent investment management Newcastle firm, we guide you through the intricacies of investment and ensure your investment strategy is in line with your needs.

How we can help

Risk and Return

Investment decisions are based on risk and reward. How much you are willing to risk will impact your return on investment and must be understood before forming a strategy.

Before setting out on creating your tailored solution, we ask you a series of questions to determine your personal approach to risk.

This, along with a free in-depth financial review, informs our advice and strategies, so you can be safe in the knowledge that your investments will work for you.


In the 2020/21 tax year, Individual Savings Accounts offer a £20,000 allowance. We can help you make the most of with bespoke strategies designed to meet your specific goals.


‘Open-ended collective investment’ distribute the risk across multiple investments in one fund. These ‘pooled funds’ offer a low-risk alternative for those who err on the side of caution.

Government Backed Stock

Also known as ‘Gilts’, these are loans made out to the Government with a return that is agreed upon at the beginning of the Gilt and paid out either at the end of the agreed term or on an annual basis.

Who are we?

Seven Bridges was launched in 2014 by wealth manager, Ryan Parker. It has since grown to include a team of experienced specialists in Investment Management Newcastle.

Our team of wealth manager, paraplanners and administrators are committed to finding our private and corporate clients the ideal solution for their financial needs and circumstances.

Above all, we build strong relationships with our clients with the ultimate aim of providing advice and solutions. All of which will contribute to your long-term financial success.

In addition, our industry-leading advice is built on our commitment to research and development, along with our strong understanding of our clients’ financial position. In short, we give you the assurance that your finances are being handled diligently and professionally.

For advice on investment management Newcastle, get in touch today and speak with one of our friendly experts.